Mining industry

Construction of giant bucket wheel excavators and overburden excavators used for mining mainly in Czech brown-coal open-cast mines is one of Hutní montáže’s main business activities since its foundation. Later on Hutní montáže started carrying out installation works as part of overhauls and refurbishment of the above machines as well. As regards the construction projects carried out abroad, we have participated in construction of the above giant excavators in Greece (RK 400 bucket wheel excavator), earlier in Poland (ZP 1500 overburden excavator), in the former Soviet Union countries (ZP 6600 overburden excavator) and Germany (bulk ship unloaders and storage systems in harbors).

Due to overall reduction of coal mining intensity in the nineties the need for new machines occurred, while the existing ones had to be repaired and modernized. Hutní montáže keeps a dominant position in this market sector.

In addition to the construction of new excavating machines Hutní montáže has performed the overhaul of the ZP 10000 overburden excavator, K 10000 excavator and ZPD 8000 overburden excavator, overhaul of RK 5000 overburden excavator and reconstruction of the KU 800 bucket wheel excavator.

Hutní montáže carries out on a continuous basis repair and reconstruction of all the equipment used in the coal mining process and coal processing at the open pit mines.

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