Water works

A distinctive part of the company’s activities since the sixties already consists of fabrication and installation of waterworks equipment. To the waterworks equipment installed belongs penstocks and large-diameter pipelines of hydro-electric power plants in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Germany and Romania (7m diameter penstock).

To the main projects in the waterworks sectors belong: construction of the large-diameter penstocks of the Lipno, Dlouhé stráně, Dalešice hydroelectric power plants in the Czech Republic, and, Liptovská Mara and Čierny Váh hydroelectric power plants in Slovak Republic, 8m-diameter penstock erection at Mangla hydroelectric power plant, Pakistan (carried out under Hutní montáže´s supervision), construction of dam structures of the Váh-cascade hydro-electric power plants and Gabčíkovo waterworks , installation of dock gate in Pappenburg dockyard, Germany and final delivery of hydro technical equipment of Gabčíkovo waterworks lock chambers.

Hutní montáže employ highly experienced management staff, qualified groups of construction personnel, and have the welding machines and equipment, including non-destructive weld testing equipment, mobile cranes and cooperating engineering, manufacturing and other supply capacities available to carry out installation of the hydro technical equipment in waterworks.

Based o­n its experience in the installation sector Hutní montáže continue to carry out repairs of water penstocks and hydro technical equipment in the waterworks. Our company provides maintenance works, refurbishment and repair of Gabčíkovo waterworks lock chambers o­n a long term basis. This activity is an integral part of the Hutní montáže´s commitment to ensure serviceability and reliability of Gabčíkovo waterworks lock chambers.

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