Metallurgical works

In the past Hutní montáže participated in construction of major metallurgical plants in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, therefore it is legitimate that the experiences are used in the repair works and in installation of new metallurgical equipment. Our company works currently for Třinecké železárny iron works (Moravia Steel), ArcelorMittal Ostrava (former Nová huť Ostrava), Blast furnaces Ostrava and VÍTKOVICE.

In the past few years we have participated gradually in blast furnace, steelwork, hot blast stove, sintering plant, lime supply system, rolling mill, cutting line and conveyor, flue gas duct, piping system and pipe and cable bridge repair works and maintenance of many other metallurgical facilities. The works carried out consisted of overhauls, medium-large and regular repairs. Hutní montáže continuously and o­n long term basis provides general decade repairs within metallurgical plants listed above.

Hutní montáže has executed a series of dismantling works– dismantling of actual equipment precedes the overhauls.

Running works in metallurgical plants, as e.g.:

- Dismantling, general and medium overhaul of the blast furnace, the hot-blast stove and the sintering plant and its
- Refurbishment of the annealing furnace and the cutting line
- Gas supply ducts (DN 3000, DN 2700, DN 500)
- Refurbishment of the lime metering line – sintering plant, and the belt conveyor bridge
- Gas piping installation, exhaust system from the sintering conveyor and rotating silo and other works

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