Construction of steel bridges belongs since the foundation of Hutní montáže to the traditional and basic sectors of its construction activities. Hutní montáže participated in construction of all large steel bridges in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Over its fifty-years-long history Hutní montáže played a dominant role in this area; till the early nineties in fact almost all large steel bridges in the Czech and Slovak Republic were constructed exclusively by Hutní montáže.

Some of the projects of that time in the Czech Republic are: Žďákov Bridge across the Orlická Dam, bridges o­n D1 highway near Humpolec and Velké Meziříčí, Barikádníků Bridge or bridge over the Masaryk railway station in Prague. In Slovak Republic these were mainly the bridges in Bratislava - cabel New Bridge with in-pylon-restaurant, railway and highway quay-Bridge or the reconstruction of Old Bridge (Red Army Bridge). Followed by construction of following bridges: road bridge in Kiel and reconstruction of railway bridge at Rendsburg in Germany, the Mariánský Bridge in Ústí nad Labem and the Long Bridge in České Budějovice.

Please, find below the list of most important bridge construction projects built over the past 15 years:

Hutní montáže construct:

 - railway, road and highway,
 - steel and composite,
 - lattice,arc, cable, suspended bridges, 

Using various technologies for construction of bridges, such as:

 - classic construction method,
 - free cantilever construction,
 - launching,
 - classic flooding or special pivoting by turning upon ships (see the Apollo Bridge)

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