Industrial, sports and other buildings

In its more than sixty years of existence Hutní montáže represented a dominant role among Czech companies in the sector of fabrication and erection of structural steel of industrial and public buildings, and sporting facilities.

Until the nineties the structural steel buildings and other steel structures in all major industrial companies in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic were built by Hutní montáže (metallurgical plants, power generating industry, machinery companies, automotive industry, chemical industry etc).

The same applies to the sector of sporting facilities, where Hutní montáže at that time participated in construction of almost all significant sports centers and arenas. (Vítkovice Arena, Berlin Velodrome, ski-jump towers in Tatra mountains, football stadium stands, etc.)

Hutní montáže represented a key role also in construction of broadcasting and communication masts. (Ještěd, Kleť, Praděd, Lysá hora, Hošťálkovice, Krašov, Kamzík-Bratislava, Praha-Žižkov, etc.)

Some of the significant public buildings constructed in the past are: former parliament building (later seat of Free Europe Radio Station), Prague hotel, Czech radio building, Culture Palace (Congress Centre) and many more in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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