Power industry

In the past Hutní montáže participated in construction of almost all coal firing power plants (Tušimice I and II, Počerady, Mělník, Chvaletice) and nuclear power plants (Jaslovské Bohunice, Dukovany, Mochovce, Temelín) in the former Czechoslovak Republic. (As regards the coal firing power plants these projects included construction of supporting structural steel and equipment installation, while as regards the nuclear power plants Hutní montáže delivered and constructed supporting structural steel and safety containment.)

In the eighties and nineties Hutní montáže participated in the air protection projects in the power generation sector aimed at flue gas desulphurization of the biggest Czech and Slovak power plants - mostly as partner of foreign companies which brought their know-how, i.e. technology and basic design into this area.

Hutní montáže became a dominant contractor in the area of new fluidized bed boiler installation (Tisová PP, Poříčí PP, Ledvice PP, Zlín PP, Hodonín PP). When carrying out these projects our company cooperated with renowned suppliers of power equipment.

Hutní montáže carry out o­n a continuous basis the overhauls, medium-large repairs and regular repairs of boilers, steam duct burners and other equipment, particularly in Dětmarovice, Tušimice, Prunéřov, Počerady and power plants, Kladno Power Centre and others.

Hutní montáže performs complex installation of energy recovery and paper boilers, installation of pressure and non-pressure boiler parts, including annealing, NDT, pressure testing, technology, welding, storage, lifting procedures, and scaffolding.

Today Hutní montáže operates in this sector not only in the domestic market, but also in many European countries (Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Denmark), recently in Uruguay and South Africa, and cooperates successfully and on a long-term basis with leading engineering and construction firms, such as Foster Wheeler, Mitsubishi-Hitachi, Alstom, Andritz, Valmet and others.

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